Red Bull Skis + Surfing =

Cruising to the beach, the Red Bull truck shows up with two skis in tow and handed out some wings for PJ Raia and Mike Gleason this past week. Phillip Mansfield shot video while I hopped on back of the second ski to shoot stills. Big huge thanks to Kyle and Nick from Red Bull for the fun times!

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mike gleason front side air. how to do an air in surfing. mike gleason new jersey. surf photographer. red bull image.

About Ryan Struck

I am a self-taught Brooklyn based photographer. Earning a BA in History allowed me to investigate the things that have occurred in the world of which I knew nothing about. In that same spirit, photography allows me to be curious about the world and what surrounds us. I enjoy saving poignant moments through a visual medium, documenting lifestyle often fulfills this need quite nicely. I love what I do. When not at home shooting I can be found traveling in search of surf and inspiring natural lighting. My desire to capture images that help viewers imagine the instant the shutter clicked fuels my passion to combine beautiful light, people and places.
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