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Surfing in the Snow

A personal project about shooting surf in the dead of winter, shooting water photography in the frigid Atlantic Ocean, and photographing the lifestyle during a blizzard. Continue reading

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Cover of the Swell Catalog – Winter 2014

The new Swell cover featuring my Snowman image from New Jersey. Continue reading

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Hurricane Bertha – New Jersey

Chasing waves as Hurricane Bertha arrives in Monmouth County New Jersey, August 2014. Continue reading

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Instagram Surf Photography and Watershot Housings

With the advent of mobile technology and the explosion of surfing in the Northeast it was only a matter of time before the two converged. During a day of good waves, a quick scroll through my Instagram feed reveals a … Continue reading

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Moments From Sunday

A day of Garden State reaffirmation. Waking early; the tide still plump with lunar gravity. Delivering gifts of yesterday’s storm and arriving with the morning. Each sandbar received. Tugging at wetsuits, boots, hoods and gloves and slipping into the sea. … Continue reading

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Follow The Light

I’ve quite literately taken the subject of this blog post to heart, following the light. When I first started shooting I didn’t fully understand light, golden hour, magic lighting and how it really effects the end result. (side note: I’ll … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Noreaster

Pissing rain, cooling temps and some warbles. There was a few epic waves in between. Below, Jon Smyth’s ride, a standout. Weather is fun to document no matter how you look at it; riding waves or shooting landscapes. This was … Continue reading

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Surf Photography Interview – Surfandabide

I would have to say Tahiti has been my favorite place so far. It’s the most visually arresting place I have ever seen and even after you put the camera down you just can’t stop staring. The mountains, the clear cobalt waters and the friendly people. Tahiti gives you more of a feeling than any place I’ve been to yet. Continue reading

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Surf Photography at the Red Bank Public Library

September 16 I will be speaking at the Red Bank Public Library about surf photography. Thanks for sponsoring the event, Red Bank Photography Club!

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Winter Waves Goodbye

Winter waves goodbye to Mike Gleason, Gerard Faccone and Keith Noonan on a beach in New Jersey. Continue reading

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