Eastern Surf Magazine Cover – Panama

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Travel is one of the best parts of being a photographer. There’s nothing better than arriving on-location, team in place and capturing meaningful images for a feature print story.

I’m excited to share news that my image of Pat Schmidt is the cover of the World Travel Issue for Eastern Surf Magazine. In January we headed to Bocas del Toro, an island off the Caribbean side of Panama. You may remember seeing photos from that adventure in a blog post here. A few more action and lifestyle images from our trip can be seen inside the current issue, please grab a copy at your local surf shop or click over to the digital version of the magazine. Congrats Pat on your first cover and thank you Eastern Surf Magazine for running our trip on Page 1!

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#VanLife in Southern California

California! I love the expansive beaches of the West Coast. From the pristine Pacific Coast Highway in Big Sur to the surf centered zones of San Clemente, California is a bucket of inspiration. I recently spent a few weeks camping, sight seeing and shooting Santa Cruz to San Clemente. I even manged a day in Mexico to surf Baja. Just wanted to share a few images from my time in SoCal and a glimpse into the #VanLife. For more travels follow along on Instagram: @RyanStruck

longboardpet lifestyle river covey portrait yellow bus san o state beach california surf surf lifestyle music lifestyle  details from the beach san o state beach

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Behind The Scenes With Carly Rae Jepsen – I really Like You

camera gear

I had the recent pleasure of joining the Interscope Records crew on set for Carly Rae Jepsen’s new music video for ‘I Really Like You.’ Following up her smash pop single “Call Me Maybe” Jepsen cranks out another hit and comboed it’s likability with an A list celebrity: Tom Hanks (additional cameos included Justin Bieber). I enjoyed documenting each scene, the crew and the story behind the scenes also. What a fun and exciting environment to bring along a camera, I cannot wait to do it again. Have a look at the video here: I Really Like You

tom hanks nycsteadycambehind the scenesmusic video scene tom hankscarly rae jepsen portraittom hanks and carly rae jepsenbehind the scenes musiccarly rae jepsen

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Panama Surf Trip

A big swell in the Caribbean sent myself and a few rippers down to Bocas del Toro earlier in January. The sights, sounds and taste on Isla de Colon satiated our surf appetite. Our sense of adventure heightened as we boarded a catamaran and set sail for an outer island. We stocked up on food and water, leaving behind the crowds in exchange for open seas. Surfed by ourselves for 3 straight days, not a soul around.

Swimming and riding waves in the salty waters of the Caribbean Sea was incredible. On our return we opted in to our captain’s Pirate Shower ritual. Diving from the bow at 5 knots and grabbing the rope trailing behind was a thrilling experience and a great way to cap off a sailing trip. Below is a GoPro video of my Shower (thanks Jon for capturing that moment), along with a few images from the sail. Be sure to look out for more coverage in the coming months from the likes of Outside Magazine, Eastern Surf Magazine, and Western Digital.

finding surfsailingrope toss

boat jump     lifestyle

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Cover of the Swell Catalog – Winter 2014

I’m excited to share the cover of Swell’s winter catalog with my snowman image on page 1! See below for an excerpt from a Q&A and make your way over to the full article here.

swell catalog

How would you explain the cold water surf scene around your zone?

Ryan: The cold water surf scene is pretty much the only surf scene here in Jersey. I mean, we surf all year, and hurricane season gets pretty fun, but those classic Jersey SE swells don’t arrive until we’re suited and booted in the dead of winter. 5mils the minimum.

Whos the gnarliest character charging on the most freezing days?

Ryan: Mike Gleason and Sam Hammer, without a doubt. These guys go and are psyching so hard when the waves are firing. Gleason’s raw power and Hammer’s stylish finesse make for a great combo.

Whats next in your life on the right coast?

Ryan: I’ve had a love affair with New York City for years and finally got down on one knee for her this fall. I’m in the thick of the arts, culture and good food while still being just a subway ride from the airport. Not to mention halfway between New Jersey’s barreling beaches and New York’s scenic coastline.

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Portfolio Update – New Personal Work

I’m incredibly happy to announce an update to my portfolio! In addition to some recent work, I’m sharing two personal projects: Gram and Hurricane Sandy. I’m most excited to present images of my grandmother Maureen. My grandma has been a constant in my life, raising me from about 4th grade on. I’ve come to rely on her advice and strength through my teen years and to this day her stimulating conversation and good heart help to keep me grounded.

Gram’s personality really shines through these images, and it was among some of our deepest conversations that I was able to make portraits that captured her spirit. For a few months I was shooting exclusively in available light with 35mm and 120mm film, however, I added digital capture which enabled me to experiment with strobing a few images. I didn’t foresee sharing much of these photos, but with the encouragement of Suzanne Sease I decided it was time to put it out there for the world to see.

The New York Times and the backdrop of a 4 paneled canvas painting of her own hand easily make this frame my favorite.

personal photo project

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Catch a Wave – Shutterstock Interview

I was recently interviewed by Shutterstock and wanted to share an excerpt. Please check out the full interview in the link below!

mike gleason surfer

Shutterstock: What comes first for you — surfing or photography?

RS: Photography definitely comes first, without a question. Before photography became my career, it was my favorite thing to do (and still is!). I walk the world with eyes wide open, and for a long time I wanted to capture everything I saw. My vision’s spirit is just as excited to create and tell stories, though; I believe I’m refining it with each passing year.

SS: We’re really drawn to your view of surf culture. How do you try to visualize it?

RS: For me, shooting surf culture, or lifestyle, is the most interesting part about surfing. Not many surfers share those sentiments, which I’m totally OK with. Everyone wants to see the best wave ridden; I relish in these images also. Most of my friends let me do my thing when I want to snap a portrait on the beach, or when a flock of seagulls flies overhead just as the sun is setting. Birds may be cliche, but these moments we live on the beach represent the most carefree times of our lives. Even if lived just a few short hours, riding waves is pure joy. The heart of surfing, the innermost definition of it, is happiness. I do my best to translate this feeling both in and out of the water.

Full interview here: Catch a Wave and the Perfect Shot With Surf Photographer Ryan Struck

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