The Surfer's Path

The Surfer’s Path usually does a hurricane feature¬†around this time of year. What’s really unique is that they have displayed images from all over the Atlantic Ocean, including Europe. Ireland looks like it went bonkers. Imagine scoring a hurricane swell at your nearest legitimate slab? I think more guys should chase hurricanes over there instead of the Caribbean. Actually, the Caribbean sounds nice right about now.

Anyway, you won’t want to miss the current Jan/Feb issue of The Surfer’s Path. New Jersey native Jay Alders has the cover with his painting Right Past the Light and there are a slew of Garden State surfers pictured within its pages. Former New Jersey resident, photographer Nick LaVecchia shares an awesome few pages describing his hurricane experience. Same goes for Steve Fitzpatrick. I am still enjoying the article. New Jersey seems to be everywhere.

I have to say the 2010 Hurricane Season was a labor of love… except I didn’t realize that until maybe yesterday.

My goal last fall was to pull a dynamite photo out of the 2010 Hurricane Season’s hat. In 2009, when I started pursuing surf photography I remember Hurricane Bill. What sticks out most for me was a photo of Peter Mendia at Jenks, snapped by D.J. Struntz for Surfing Magazine. Hopefully that’s not considered name dropping, I don’t know those guys. I’m a generally stoked individual when it comes to surf imagery; I loved that shot. I had my first published photo(in print) from that hurricane in Eastern Surf Magazine. I was pretty pumped, although it was just a lucky shot, that I wasn’t actually sure I should be taking (Think: me, greenhorn, and surf industry poaching paranoia. What did I know!?… I’m still not sure I do).

I vowed next year, 2010, to really do some damage.

If you plotted my movements for about a month from late August – late September on a map, the New Jersey coast would dominate most of the track. Sandy Hook. Cape May. Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Ocean City. Multiply each by at least 2; try and plot your course. I slept on friends’ couches and floors, in multiple states.¬†A couple of those map lines would delineate to and from the Northeast for a 3 day 2 night Igor Mission.

When you’re that busy you can’t imagine something else. Thinking back now, from 2011, I wonder what I was chasing? I appreciate the reminder of those times as we’re on the downswing (or is it upswing) of winter. I would not say I did some damage in 2010 but I am happy with my progress so far. I forgot how hard I’ve worked for it.

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  1. Davidmac says:

    i missed this post somehow… that was nice writing.

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