"Your Shot" Contest at National Geographic

Please vote the below image of Luke Ditella. Click the photo and it will take you to the Nat Geo “Your Shot” webpage. I cannot direct link to it, but mine and Luke’s photo is #41 (second page of June’s Week 2). You must vote through all the images before you can vote on this one. It is currently in second place behind the first image of the shaggy bull animal.

Just as one of New Jersey’s blizzards was raging in early 2010, a bunch of us paddled into 38 degree water to score a few barrels. The storm was passing, however, it was still snowing when we arrived. An hour before sunset, there was a break in the weather and the first rays of sun shone on the line up. Here Luke Ditella and I seemingly connect at that precise moment.

Click here to get there:

Look for this image in the "Voting Machine" section. As of this posting it is image #41 on the list. Thank you for your support.

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